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Miramare and its Past

 At the end of the 1800s',  the town of Ladispoli  began to change into an important exchange centre for visitors and transports coming from the ancient Civitavecchia harbour and for those who were directed to the Eternal City.

The engineer Nardi, realized  the tourist possibilities of the town and decided to build  this hotel on the sea front of Ladispoli.  

In 1894 the main wing was built  becoming  one of the first accomodation structures in the area, still today also known by the name of " Pensione Lido". 

After a successful period  the hotel was  purchased by an entrepreneur of Albano, Dr. Alessandro Piattella,  who, having great confidence in the future of Ladispoli, invested a great part of his patrimony.

In 1914 the old Pensione Lido was restructured, new rooms were added and it was renamed  Hotel Miramare. 

Dr. Piattella gave  the new  hotel Miramare a refined  and prestigious image, rendering it famous for its exclusive and elegant atmosphere.

A  private beach area was added to the hotel in the same period.

During the second world war the hotel was occupied by German troops and became a local  commando centre. 

After the war the hotel Miramare returned to its legitimate owner who gave it new life.

After a few years of great sacrifice the structure was ready to reopen its activities..

In these years a skillful and far-sighted management  is able to harmonize the suggestive and austere atmosphere of the historical building with the refinement and the quality of the services offered today.